Big Data consulting tailored to your business.

We design Big Data platforms, individually customised to fully reveal the potential of your organisation’s data.

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About Us

Datumo is a Big Data consulting company that can provide you expert assistance, either on behalf of our entire team or through individual experts. We also design dedicated Big Data platforms tailored to your needs, allowing your company to fully reveal the potential value hidden in your corporate data. 

We are experts in a variety of Big Data technologies like Scala, Apache Spark, Apache Druid, Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow, Hadoop, Hive and Kubernetes.

As sharing is caring - we provide training services in all the above Big Data technologies. 


Datumo is a team of specialists with experience in many areas of Big Data

We are experts in building Big Data platforms. We offer ETL for your data, including real-time analytics. Our consultants support companies in order to:

  • migrate solutions to the Cloud or on-premise
  • automate business processes
  • design Big Data architecture
  • create and automate ETL processes

Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform

We offer comprehensive solutions:

  • Data integration
  • Real-time analytics
  • Development and implementation of Big Data projects
  • Conducting the ETL process
  • Auditing and enhancement of your platform

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • We have expertise in text processing
  • We create systems with personalized content recommendations
  • We are experts in the implementation of machine learning models – MLOps



  • Data migration
  • Implementation of Big Data platforms
  • IT systems migration



  • Scala
  • Apache Spark with Scala
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Driud
  • Big Data - five days training



  • We can audit your Big Data platform and help to make it efficient
  • We prepare Big Data architecture draft
  • We can help you in choosing proper technologies for data challenges

Designing ETL processes

Designing ETL processes

  • We are data integrators
  • We can create a "Data Lake" which stores all of your data in one place, so that you can look at your business in a holistic way
  • We automate ETL processes using Spark, Kafka and Airflow

Technologies we use:


Models of cooperation


Each of our developers brings Datumo’s substantial know-how to the project.


We support clients by providing a diverse team of specialists for cooperation.

Trusted partner

Comprehensive project implementation with a focus on long-term relationships.


Periodic cooperation with individual developers according to the client's needs.

End to end custom designs

Dedicated and comprehensive project management from start to finish.