Datumo creates Big Data platforms tailored to your business needs

Data is our speciality. Our mission is to help your company release its full potential.

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We offer Big Data platform based on Druid in SaaS model.

We are experts in Apache Druid platform. We offer ETL for your data, including real-time. Our consultants support companies in order to:

  • sort and recognize critical data
  • correctly mark out KPI for business
  • automate reporting process
  • audit Big Data architecture

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • We have experience in text processing
  • We create personalized recommendations related to content and marketing / e - commerce
  • We know how complex it is to productionize models – our goal is to successfully do it for you

Designing ETL process

Designing ETL process

  • We are data integrators
  • We can create Data Lake which stores all of your data in one place, so that you can look at your business in a holistic way
  • We automate ETL processes using Spark, Kafka and Airflow

Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform

We offer complex solutions:

  • Data integration
  • Central data store with SQL interface
  • Real-time analytics
  • OLAP cubes and UI allowing comfortable work with tools



  • We audit your Big Data platform and help to make it efficient
  • We prepare Big Data architecture draft
  • We help in choosing proper technologies for data challenges



  • Data migrations
  • Big Data platforms deployment
  • IT systems migration

Apache Druid

Apache Druid

  • Cluster configuration
  • Installation and deployment audit
  • Technology training
  • ETL support for Druid

Technologies we use:

Storyteller platform

0$ PoC

Simple and intuitive UI

Allowing interfering on large data sets in very short time.

Cheap, quick

Less expensive and faster solution than creating platform on your own.

Open source

Based on open source components – no licence fees.

Why was Storyteller created?


To save time and money of companies that need to build Big Data platform. Typical implementation lasts from 3 to 6 months and is modular. It allows iterative work.


To help companies which do not have dedicated Big Data team and prefer to outsource the job.

No licence

To avoid using licence based solutions, which limit the number of platform users. We are in favour of data democratization.


To prove that Big Data can be friendly and affordable for small and medium-sized companies, not only for big players.

Apache Druid

For comfortable Apache Druid usage, which is really hard to deploy on your own, but is very powerful and perfectly suited for business users’ needs.